You know you have a good person by your side if he has these virtues

The person you love doesn’t come to make your life easier, they come to help you discover your worst demons and exorcise them.

A few days ago, I asked a friend if he would consider marrying me. It wasn’t a proposal, we’re both pretty sure we’re just friends. I just wanted to know if, for him, I had the qualities of a potential marriage partner. Laughing, he said yes, although I was a little complicated, but knowing how to “take” me, he could bear me. His frank answer made me laugh. Despite that, it also made me think a lot about my attitude towards people.

I know I’m not an easy person, my personality is complicated. Also, like many, I had difficult experiences that made me put up barriers. I just want to avoid getting hurt. Not that it’s some kind of monster or anything like that, I just don’t settle for just anyone and my standards for potential mates are high.

Like me, there are many people in the world who look for certain qualities in their ideal partner. Maybe there is such a person with these specific qualities, maybe not, you never know. What’s real is that no person is or will ever be completely perfect, and that’s okay.

It’s almost impossible to ask someone to follow our strict standards and “aspire” to be a  potential partner; It is likely that you are always “missing something”. What is possible is that you give in and meet new people. Maybe, when you allow yourself, you will discover that this someone is who you needed to be happy.

That said, now let’s highlight some virtues you can look for in a mate:

Honesty and trust

Who could live life next to someone they can’t trust? It is not possible for anyone to do that.

Trusting the person you love is vitally important if you want to have a stable relationship.

Trust comes from honesty. They are sister qualities on purpose, one cannot live without the other.

Having a relationship with an honest person is expecting them to always tell you the truth. She won’t be unfaithful to you, even if she stops loving you. Therefore, you will always prefer to close a chapter before starting another in your life.


This virtue is synonymous with maturity. A responsible person assumes the consequences of his actions and decisions. A loving relationship with someone who possesses this virtue guarantees the fulfilment of his duties to you and others. In addition, you will always treat others fairly, positively, and completely. This helps her maintain quality relationships.


Nothing is nicer than having someone in your life who wants to fight with you for a common goal. This is important when talking about the person you hope to spend the rest of your life with.

A marital relationship would be nothing without this virtue. The couple must learn to work together, to set goals that they can achieve together. It’s not about putting your personal goals aside, but working together for a common goal, for mutual happiness.


Nothing says more about someone than generosity. It is the mark of a generous person to give without expecting anything in return. In addition, he knows how to share and take care of the needs of others. She is willing to make an effort for the person she loves and for their relationship to be harmonious.


A person can pride himself on being sincere, but if he is not wise, he can wreak havoc. Being prudent is knowing how to take care of what you say and how you say it. It also shows how much you appreciate a person.

Prudence also implies being able to contain ourselves; that is, it helps us to behave well, without going overboard.


Commitment is the ability to give your all to fulfil your promisesThe committed person is able to do his or her best to make relationship progress. That is, taking on a situation for a long time without giving up, assuming that the relationship can last for years, despite the challenges.


It’s the same as being empathetic. A compassionate person is able to put himself in his partner’s shoes, feel what he feels. This allows you not to be quick to judge him but to value what each experience in life makes you feel.


Devotion is one level above commitment. It’s about giving yourself completely to what you love in a selfless and deep way. It’s like being willing to be unconditional for the person you love.


The resilient person is capable of weathering life’s most devastating storms. It doesn’t matter if she can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, she does everything she can to face adversity.

Resilience in relationships is important because there are many obstacles that can come up in daily life. This ensures that the two of you will be there to support each other at all times.


It’s the same as being faithful. It is not about loving blindly and aimlessly, but about remaining firm in the commitment made, regardless of the mishaps of life together.

Humility and forgiveness

Romantic relationships always go through complicated situations that don’t always involve infidelity. You can hurt your partner in a thousand different ways; That is why it is necessary to have the humility to recognize faults and to know how to forgive and ask for forgiveness at the right time.

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