Will you be ready for a relationship? Quick checkup!

I start the article by saying that this is a delicate subject! Most people look for a relationship, a love or a person for their life, with the hope of being able to feel more complete, more fulfilled, but there is a big problem here. Believing that it is enough to have someone in our life to fulfill us is a very serious mistake because we are completely forgetting that our happiness must come from within, that is, from ourselves.

Before looking for someone in your life, it is necessary to look at yourself first and look for a set of qualities in yourself, qualities that will dictate whether or not you are ready for a relationship.

The qualities are as follows:

Self-love –

As I mentioned earlier, you should not look for someone to complete you. You must have enough self-love to realize that you are already complete, that you are looking for someone to share a life with. You need to know how much “worth” so you don’t accept someone below what you deserve. We all know how much time and dedication it takes to maintain a relationship. You don’t want to waste yours.

A social life –

In addition to the relationship, it is important that you manage to have a social life. Relationships, in the beginning, can consume a lot of time and energy, it’s important that you have a stable group of friends that can balance things out. Your life shouldn’t, nor can it be just your relationship, it’s important to balance the scales.

A Realistic View of the Thing –

Don’t be dazzled by any relationship. Keep your feet firmly on the floor. Accept things as they are and understand that the intense passion phase is unlikely to last forever. Relationships are full of ups and downs and you have to be ready to get on that roller coaster. You have to know what it’s like to err and also forgive. You have to realize that a relationship is made by bringing together different people who have to learn to live well together.

Letting go of the past –

To achieve a healthy relationship and ensure a future with someone, it is necessary that your past is well resolved. Living in the present trapped in the past leads to unnecessary comparisons, unnecessary conversations and unnecessary problems. Leave the past in the past, realize that if something happened in the past it doesn’t have to happen the same in the future. Live in the now, the most you can create is your future.

Independence in your life –.

Being independent is important for starting a relationship. Having your financial independence and more than that, knowing how to manage your money is essential. There are many fights about money and problems that arise, just because someone in the relationship doesn’t know how to manage money in the best way. Talk about financial management. Discuss how to manage things at home. Communication is the key to everything.

Realize what you really want –

Before entering a relationship head-on, it is necessary to know that this is what you really want. If you’re still in the phase of flirting with everything that comes along and experiencing this and that, settles for it and realize that you’re not ready for a serious relationship yet. We all go through phases and until you settle down you shouldn’t think about a serious relationship at all. If you don’t trust yourself, the other person will hardly trust you.

View the relationship as a bonus –

Do you need to be in a relationship? Is it a necessity or a bonus? If it’s a necessity, you’re likely to have problems, because you shouldn’t get too attached to your relationship. Every relationship we have is important but it shouldn’t mean everything to us. We must not go beyond love and into obsession. Know how to separate things.

Learn to be alone –

You must be wondering why being alone can be important when talking about a relationship. You don’t want to become a needy person who is always on top of the other. If you are not able to be alone and feel good and occupy your time alone, then you may enter a relationship out of necessity. Appreciate yourself first and cherish the time you spend alone and only then seek a company.

Do you know what you’re looking for? –

Do you know what you are looking for in a relationship? Do you know who is the right person for you or who you would like to share a life with? Going into a blind relationship with someone totally different from you may not guarantee you a great future. Remember that opposites attract but not for long.

Do you have what it takes for a relationship? –

To enter a relationship, you need to know that you are ready for what it entails. Are you ready to share your things with someone else, your life, your intimacy? Are you ready to be faithful to that person in order to share a life with them? Don’t fall head over heels into a relationship if you think you’re not ready for it.

Have your goals and hobbies –

Have a life of your own. Take your time to be alone. Be with your friends. Make programs alone and have your own hobbies and goals. Don’t let the relationship make you forget about everything else. Keep living your life and don’t give up on your dreams.

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