Toxic attitudes that we consider “normal” in a relationship

The attitudes that ruin a relationship are more normal than it may seem. These are the so-called toxic attitudes: Small gestures that affect the relationship between two people and little by little transform the feeling of both into something contaminated, spoiled, thus ending up making the relationship sick.

It is important to distinguish a toxic attitude from something less good. We all have moments when we’re down and that doesn’t make us toxic. Being a toxic person implies a series of attitudes repeatedly and constantly. Basically, it’s constantly ruining the relationship with small gestures or words.

With today’s article, we are going to show you some toxic attitudes that together can even ruin a relationship and lead to its end.

Toxic attitudes that are considered “normal”

Wanting to know your every move –

Do you know when you have to tell the other person everything you did that day? Because it may seem that there is simply an interest in knowing what we did and that can even make us feel good, but believe me, it won’t last long. The obligation of having to tell everything in detail in addition to being toxic is extremely abusive. When someone has an almost constant need to know where they are and who they are with, it is a very negative sign. Do not allow this to happen as in the short term it will deteriorate your relationship.

Making jokes about yourself with other people –

Usually, this situation is seen as something funny and in fact, it can be, it all depends on what is said. When there is a very high level of intimacy, making jokes is perfectly normal, but you have to understand when they are laughing with you and when they are laughing at you. This can be a toxic attitude when there is a high likelihood that the other person will feel embarrassed or humiliated by what is being said. This is never a good feeling and will leave a negative mark on the other person which in a very short time will lead to a strain on the relationship and even self-esteem problems for the victim.

Using past mistakes as a weapon –

This attitude is seen as normal as they say that mistakes are forgiven but not forgotten, although know that if you do, you may be having a toxic attitude and ending your relationship unintentionally. When there is a problem, it has to be resolved and saved, never to interfere in your relationship again. Pulling issues from the past only shows that they are not well resolved and that there is something missing. Think about it.

Shut up in the face of a mistake –

When you know the other person has made a mistake, shutting up is not the solution. There are those who defend silence and even some submission for the relationship to work, the problem is that these people don’t realize that it’s actually not working, the person keeps everything to themselves in an attempt to keep up appearances. When something is the wrong talk, talk and discuss what makes you feel bad, only then is it possible to have a change for the better.

Make up for arguments with gifts –

Initially, it may show regret and a willingness to make amends but it really just shows that you want to make up for a failure with something positive. Cannot solve a problem with a gift as the problem is still there!

Pass the decision on to the other person –

This attitude reveals trust in the other person, or at least that’s what society tends to interpret when someone passes a decision that must be made by themselves to their partner. In fact, this attitude reveals insecurity and irresponsibility, and often people only pass the decision on to their partner because they don’t want to have work. Over time, your partner will feel drained and drained of energy.

Having access to all personal data –

It can be seen initially as an act of total and absolute trust but over time it can become a nightmare and generate obsessions that will turn the relationship into something very negative.

Nicknames like “everything” or “life” –

Is it affectionate? Yes. Is it romantic? Also… But there are other ways to show love and affection. By saying that someone is your life or everything to you, you are not only belittling yourself but also putting all your reasons for living on others, which is extremely wrong. Your priority has to be yourself and this has to be well defined at the beginning of any relationship. Be affectionate not only with the other but also with yourself.

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