Tips for living together in peace and harmony

No two people are the same and sometimes it’s not always easy to deal with those differences, especially in a love relationship, where you live for a long time and where you share so many emotions. Discord is normal and the fact that you have a different opinion than your partner does not mean that you are not in tune and that you like each other less.

With today’s article, we will analyze and present some tips that will help you both to live in peace and harmony and also talk about how to avoid those unnecessary disagreements, what are their causes and what you should do if discord comes your way. .

How to have a relationship in peace and harmony?

First of all, it is super important to normalize the difference. Only when you are aware that the other person is entitled to have a different idea or opinion is it possible to move forward and enjoy harmony and peace. On the other hand, it is equally important that both understand the reason for the disagreement and some reasons that lead the discussions to happen.

Why do we argue so much?

  • Stubbornness and inflexibility – This is undoubtedly the main point and the reason that leads the vast majority of couples to argue… After all, we are all people and we all want to have and defend our reason. The point is that our reason is not always the reason of the other and both can be valid. The lack of compromise and stubbornness can lead to very strong conflicts and even the degradation of the relationship.
  • Lack of respect for the opinion of the other – Unfortunately it happens more than it should and manifests itself when someone believes so much in their truth and any other reality is automatically excluded. This is nothing more and nothing less than a great lack of respect for the opinion and even the individuality of the other. Disagreeing on the subject is fine, but respect is a fundamental basis of any relationship and can never be lacking!

Stubbornness, ego and insecurity can be at the origin of a couple’s arguments

  • Ego and insecurities – The gigantic ego of some people does not allow them to see beyond their own opinion and end up causing serious arguments and problems in a relationship. On the other hand, someone’s insecurities can end up making them assume a more aggressive and rejecting role, which also has negative effects.

What to do to live in peace and harmony?

  • Respect each other’s space – It is extremely important that you give your partner the space he needs to live his own individuality. With the necessary space both will be able to reflect and better understand each other and the reasons that lead to discord.
  • All opinions are valid – It is important to recognize that your opinion and ideas are not the only ones in the world and there are a number of alternatives, all of which are valid. Start by analyzing the other person’s perspective and put yourself in their shoes. From there it will be easier to understand what your partner thinks.
  • Tastes are not discussed – There are those who argue for the most basic things… like personal taste! The saying goes those tastes are not discussed, and rightly so. In no way should you try to interfere with someone else’s personal choices just because if it were you, you would do it differently.
  • The importance of dialogue – Talking about the subject that generates discord is a step towards success. Therefore, whenever a situation arises that does not generate consensus, talk to your partner, explain your point of view and let him explain himself too. From there good things will come.
  • Let go of ego and stubbornness – As stubborn as we are, yes, we are going to have to let go of stubbornness and ego. As much as we are convinced that what we think is the most correct, remember again: There are several realities and all of them are valid. Never stop having your opinion, just learn to live with others.

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