Tips for couples at the beginning of a relationship

Love is in the air, everything seems beautiful and perfect and has everything to be, but for your new relationship to flourish in a healthy way you need to take the right attitudes from the beginning in order to avoid arguments, problems and even rupture. of the relationship. With today’s article, we will unveil some tips for couples at the beginning of a relationship that is mandatory for those who intend to build a stable and lasting relationship. From self-love to limits, all these points must be followed and are part of the basis of a healthy relationship.

Tips for couples at the beginning of a relationship

Don’t hide or lie

We start with the basics, lying is ugly for anyone and a relationship is no exception. I know that initially, we all want to give that perfect impression so that we can delight the other person, but imperfections are also part of it and nothing is better than making them known in a free and relaxed way. This doesn’t mean I have to tell you everything on the first day, but remember that if a topic comes up in the conversation and you hide it or lie, it can later be discovered (and believe me, it will) which can cause serious damage. in your trust. Honesty is the foundation of a relationship so start there. The other person doesn’t need to know all the details of your life, but avoid hiding and refuse to lie. Only then will you be able to live well with yourself, with your partner and establish a good foundation in the relationship.

The past must stay where it belongs

What goes there, goes… Being stuck in the past can be a fatal mistake at the beginning of the relationship. Especially if those memories are accompanied by comparisons. There is no need to compare the past to the present, much less live in the past, always bringing back memories of what once was. I believe that there are beautiful things in your life that you want to share with your other half, but never let that get in the way of your new relationship. And when we talk about a new relationship and time, nothing better than living in the present. We are facing something new and with countless opportunities, don’t miss the slightest bit by holding on to what has already passed or being anxious about what will happen. Let yourself go and you will see that the two arrive at the right place.

Give space and time for everything

Another of the most important factors in a relationship is having time and space. Both for you and for living moments between the couple, remember that there is a time for everything. Avoid overloading your relationship and let each one have their moment alone, believe that the time together will be well worth it!

Another issue is the time you should give the other. Each person has their own pace and likes to move forward in a more calm and thoughtful way, try to follow your partner’s pace without interfering with what he wants. This tip applies to everything: from intimacy to the simple fact of meeting the parents. Everything in its own time… If the relationship is to last, believe me, there will be time for that and much more!

Set limits

We all have them and that’s why when we meet someone the ideal is to impose our limits so that they are not exceeded. If there are things that we don’t like and that we don’t want to, we need to clarify immediately in order to avoid unnecessary discussions in the future. One of the biggest mistakes you can make at the beginning of a relationship is not setting limits because believe me, the other person won’t guess what you think either and sometimes these limits may not be a matter of common sense: Imagine that you don’t like something thing he loves. How will he know?

The conversation to establish boundaries should be calm, frank and calm to avoid friction. It’s part of the relationship and that’s why nothing better than being seen as something natural, you can even do it during any activity for two, as long as it’s at an opportune moment.

Take care of yourself above all

Now that you’ve met someone and started a relationship, never forget yourself! In order to be okay with someone else, you have to be okay with yourself. And when we talk about taking care of yourself, we don’t mean that you have to get ready and be beautiful for the other person, but for yourself, feeling good with who you are and how you are at this very moment. Self-love is the basis of our relationships and that’s what we’re talking about.

Take time for yourself and your activities, allow yourself those little whims that make us feel so good about ourselves. Whether it’s a day of beauty, a walk alone or an afternoon reading a book, anything goes as long as it’s to cultivate your self-love.

Learn to manage your time

Starting a relationship doesn’t mean you have to create an agenda because it’s not a job, however, when we refer to time management as an essential tip for starting a relationship, we aim to show you that you can do everything.

As difficult as it may seem, it is possible to have time for two, go out with friends, work, study and have time alone. And that’s where time management comes in. Do your best to keep your relationships healthy. All of them.

Don’t take things too fast

When we are very much in love it is natural for our head to travel and we make plans in our head, perhaps too quickly. Before exposing your dreams or desires to your better half, consider whether you are not taking things too fast so that he doesn’t get scared. Imagine starting to date and after a month he talks about having children. It may even cross your mind but… doesn’t it sound scary?

These are some of the most important tips for couples at the beginning of a relationship and following them does not guarantee that the relationship will be 100% successful, but they will undoubtedly help you get started on the right foot.

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