Taking a break from the relationship – Advantages and disadvantages

There are many couples who, during their relationship, decide to take a break, that is, to separate for a period of time in order to assess whether the relationship is following a good path, without separation, in order to become aware of the feelings and decide the future as a couple. This is a decision that should be discussed and taken together so that both can feel good and comfortable with this new reality. In today’s article, we are going to talk about some advantages and disadvantages of taking a break from the relationship and what good or bad it can bring to life together.

First of all, it is important to understand when to take a break: This method can be used when the relationship has fallen into a routine when there are several arguments that affect the couple’s good relationship or simply when feelings are questioned and there are doubts. When something is not right, it has to be resolved so that everything can work out, then comes the time to talk about taking a break or not.

Taking a break from the relationship – The advantages

  • Understand your feelings – Taking a break from the relationship is important in order to understand your feelings. It is not always easy to distinguish love from passion or even as a simple indulgence, something that is too comfortable to discard. This time with yourself will allow you to understand what your true feelings are towards the other person and help determine the future of your relationship.
  • Take the time alone to get to know yourself – Being alone is very good and should be seen as such. Take advantage of this time that you will be alone to understand your needs, to get to know yourself and to understand the reasons that led the relationship to this situation and in which ways you can help to solve the problem. By this, we do not mean that the problem is in itself. But both sides should reflect on how to improve the relationship, so this tip works for both.
  • Life outside the relationship – The experiences you have during this time away can determine the entire future of your relationship. Do you miss being with the other person? I think this is a very good sign. The fact that you enjoy moments outside the relationship does not mean that you are better off without the other person. It can help improve your relationship in many ways.
  • Stronger relationship – After time alone, the relationship can undoubtedly be strengthened and they can learn to deal with problems in a calmer and lighter way. On the other hand, this time can help you get to know yourself better and get to know the other person as well. After resuming the relationship, you have to talk a lot about the experience and about all the feelings, only then can you come back stronger than ever!

Taking a break from the relationship – The downsides

The distance can bring doubts –

The fact that you spend time away from each other can bring doubts, distrust and a harmful environment for the relationship. If this is the result of the time that has been given, it, unfortunately, means that the relationship may no longer have legs to walk. A relationship should not be based on mistrust and arguments. However, it is normal for doubts to arise. And maybe time alone can be better than time together.

Bad decisions during this time –

Many people use the time allotted in a relationship to do everything they just can’t do while the relationship is going on. What is wrong. This is a time for reflection and introspection and getting involved with other people or living a life without limits is not going to help clarify how you feel. On the contrary, it will further disturb your mind and lead the relationship to a dead end. Attention, involvement with other people is not prohibited, we simply shouldn’t use the break time in the relationship to live as if it simply didn’t exist.

More fragile relationship –

The return of a time in the relationship can also weaken the bonds between the two, depending on the behaviour of each one during that time. These weaknesses can deteriorate the relationship and cause damage that is difficult to overcome. At these times, dialogue and sincerity are key to the success of the relationship.

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