Surprise for a girlfriend: how to do it and 10 amazing ideas to inspire you

Looking for ideas to surprise your girlfriend, but all you can think of is breakfast? Then today’s post will help you. We’ve made a selection of creative tips and suggestions capable of making your girlfriend even more in love.

Ready to express all your love? Come with us:

Tips and ideas on how to surprise your girlfriend

You basically have two surprise options for your girlfriend: one simple and cheap and the other grand and exquisite. However, it’s not how much you spend that’s at stake here, but how much you show that you care about your loved one, okay? So don’t confuse things!

Before planning the surprise for your girlfriend, it is also important to know her routine well, as well as the times and days she will be available. Another key detail is whether your girlfriend doesn’t feel uncomfortable with surprises. Many people are terrified of being surprised, and if that’s the case, their whole romantic idea goes down the drain.

If your girlfriend is the type who doesn’t like public displays of affection or doesn’t take surprises very well, consider something more discreet and less impactful.

Shall we go to the tips then?

1. Flowers and chocolates

Despite the cliché, there is no woman who can resist a beautiful bouquet of flowers accompanied by a box of chocolates. Surprise your girlfriend with this romantic treat on her way out of work, college or even when she gets home. But first, it’s worth finding out what your favorite flowers and chocolates are.

2. Romantic dinner

Go to the kitchen! That’s right don an apron and embody the chef. No cooking skills? No problem. Nowadays it is possible to find a huge variety of simple and easy to make recipes for a romantic dinner. It can even be a special and neat snack, the important thing here is for you to show your loved one that you took the time just to prepare something she likes. Don’t forget to tidy the table, use your best dishes, light a candle and play soft music in the background. Guaranteed success! 

3. Love in detail

Show your girlfriend that you’re attentive to everything she does and everything she likes (and doesn’t). Do this by writing details on scraps of paper that you think makes her unique and special, like the way she bites her lip when she gets nervous, how she tries to hide her tears when she sees an emotional scene, how her eyes sparkle when looking at you or how she eats pizza in a funny way, for example. Impossible not to get smiles and sighs from your loved one.

4. Ticket pot

What about making a personalized pot with 365 reasons to love your girlfriend? It is important to note down every special feature about your loved one. She should open one every day.

5. Post its

A simple and cheap surprise tip for a girlfriend: post its! Write passionate notes to your girlfriend and spread them around her house or car. It’s also worth putting these notes in your loved one’s diary, notebook, wallet and purse. 

6. A madam’s day

If you and your girlfriend live together you can offer her a madam’s day. That’s right! A day for her to do nothing (or just do what she likes). Meanwhile, you wash, iron, cook, take out the trash and tidy up the whole house. 

7. Surprise box

You can also surprise your girlfriend with a surprise box. Place candy, snacks, a cake (if you’re celebrating her birthday or anniversary) and a special drink inside the box.

8. Surprise in the bedroom

Decorate and decorate your loved one’s room with romantic motifs and make a big surprise for her at the end of the day. Hang heart balloons from the ceiling, spread flower petals on the bed, make a clothesline for photos and distribute scented candles around the room. Complete the decor with flowers, sparkling wine and chocolate, lots of chocolate. 

9. Surprise party

This tip only works if your girlfriend likes surprises in public, otherwise don’t even try it. Invite friends and family and prepare a party for your girlfriend with everything she is entitled to. The idea gets even cooler if it’s her birthday.

10. Walking for two

Why don’t you organize your schedule and go for a walk for two? But first see if your girlfriend will also be available. Visit a park and have a picnic with her or go to the beach. You can also take the opportunity to take her to the place where they met or where they had their first date. Super romantic! 

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