How to have a successful love relationship

Love doesn’t come with a script that we can all follow and thus have the success we desire. Love is complicated and each case is different. In more than 10 years in the business of relationships and in order to give thousands of tips for successful love relationships, I can guarantee that I am still learning today and trying to apply this in my own life.

Don’t believe in people or courses that will try to sell you an idea of ​​happiness, success, a perfect relationship. Every person is a different life and what is happiness for one may not be yours for the next.

Today I share with you some tips that I consider to be important for you to have the happiest and healthiest relationship possible.

Tips for a successful love relationship

Take it easy – Take your relationship softly, don’t lose your temper easily. Get to know the person in front of you as much as possible. Know your traits, how you deal with each situation and act accordingly. The tenser your approach to the relationship, the more prone you are to arguments that lead to more serious situations and that undermine your relationship over time.

Never give yourself 100% –

It may feel confusing to say not to give yourself 100% in your relationship, but that’s right. Your relationship is important, it’s part of you and part of your life, but it’s not the whole cake. You have to focus equally on yourself, on what you like, on your family and also friends. Focusing 100% on a relationship can be dangerous because you’re putting all your chance of happiness on it. Find what makes you happy and don’t just stick to your relationship.

Seek happiness in yourself –

Only you can build and fight for your own happiness, so stop looking for happiness in others! Think about what you like and what you need to have or find to feel happy. Don’t expect others to fill the space you may have inside.

Don’t stop at dreams, conquer them –

It’s important to have dreams but even more to have the ability and strength to fight for them. “Oh, I wish my relationship was this way or that”, you say, so why not struggle to understand what you can do to make it exactly the way you want it? Have dreams! Dreams will keep the flame burning not only in your relationship but in your life as well. Having dreams together with the person you love is equally important.

Love Yourself First –

This is the simplest and truest advice I can give you: to love others, love yourself first! It’s impossible to be at peace with life if you can’t be at peace with yourself. Life plays tricks on us and it is not always possible to face it with a smile, but it is important that you do! Make sure you take care of yourself, your appearance, understand your problems, and fight to resolve them so that you can be at peace with life, and be able to receive with a smile all that it has to offer.

Don’t create images that limit other people –

Forget the past. Forget comparisons between people. I remember my old boyfriend doing this to me; “Oh, because your brother is nicer than you.” Don’t compare people! Realize what each one is like and learn to live with it. Comparisons are pointless and hurt the person involved. Leave the past where it belongs. If it’s past, it’s because it never had enough strength to build a present, let alone be a future. Bury your past and live your present as best you can.

Try to understand people, not feelings –

Finally, it’s important to focus on getting to know people, not feelings. It is important that both of you fight to make the relationship work. It is important that you try to understand and get to know each other as much as possible so that the relationship becomes stronger each day. It is important that they have dreams together and that they fight to make them come true.

These are some love advice that you should pay attention to and apply today in your life and also in your relationship. They don’t live an unhappy life, let alone a relationship. Understand the other person and yourself so that you can see if the other person is the one you are really looking for. Be happy

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