How I Realized My Husband Really Loves Me

For many people in the world, marriage is the outcome of a beautiful relationship. For others, it’s just the opposite. The path to success or defeat in marriage is made for two, and when the couple finds themselves at that inflexion point where reason says one thing and the heart says another, it is time for analysis, retrospection and conclusions.

When a man loves a woman, that love is evident. The main quirk is that he takes care of her – being attentive to her needs and making her feel special. However, over the years, many women feel that their husbands no longer love them, or at least do not show love as before.

The feeling is what sets the course

For us, feelings are the compass that guides us in a relationship. The way this man makes us feel says how we see the relationship. That is, this man you love may have all the qualities worthy of a perfect gentleman, but if it doesn’t make you feel worthy or special, the armour just falls off.

In marriage, time is tyrant. Over the years, many couples relax and forget about dating and flirting. This is how, after several years of a marital union, many women feel that their husbands no longer love or desire them as they used to.

I realized that my husband really loved me

Talking to a friend, she told me that her husband was having a difficult time. They argued a lot, the children’s activities took up a lot of time and there was little left for the couple, and they had forgotten the respect they had for each other.

He doesn’t love me as much as he used to,” she said. The two returned from work tired and didn’t want anything more than a good night’s sleep and dinner.  Irritability was constant and disorganization often took over.

Looking from the outside, and as a friend, I told her to think about those times when she felt loved by her husband. Counting them one by one, she was able to see that despite the anger, personal frustrations and the turmoil of everyday life, there were small acts of love indicating that the flame was still lit.

Signs Your Husband Really Loves You

If you’re here it’s because you also have doubts about love in your relationship. Pay attention to these signs to find out if your husband still loves you.

You are first

It may not be the same romantic as before, but to your husband, you will always be the one who takes first place in his life.

Despite being angry, he serves something for you too

That’s the most beautiful thing about long-term couples. They may have argued without reaching any conclusion; however, when he goes to the kitchen to get something to drink, he brings it to you too.

Blindly trust you

He doesn’t question her, nor does he ask pointless questions. Trust is intact.

Intimate encounters are still beautiful

There is less time for intimacy now, and this may make you feel less loved. But every time they meet, it’s just as beautiful as the beginning. And that’s a good sign.

Takes your opinion into account

He respects her as a wife, and her opinion means a lot to him. You are his partner, his life partner.

He disarms when he sees you cry

Sometimes you think that he doesn’t love you any more or that the relationship isn’t what it used to be. But when he sees you secretly crying silently, his heart sinks and he shows how much he cares about you.

Tell your kids what a great mom you are

She is proud that you are the mother of her children. It will be shouted to the four winds.

Enjoy having her by your side in front of everyone

Maybe you think the passion and spark that was there is gone, but you realize how important you are to him when he makes a point of showing others that he has you. He loves her, no doubt.

He looks at you

It looks basic, but it’s not. When a husband looks at his wife, she feels complete, loved, and happy. There is nothing worse than a man who ignores his wife. If you are lucky enough to have your husband looking at you all the time, you can be sure that you occupy his heart.

May the routine does not erase the love

A happy marriage is one where the couple knows how to cut corners and double down every day. Yes, routine causes havoc, disappointment, and doubts about the consistency of the relationship.

May these signs help you think about how much your husband cares about you. That way, you will not only be able to understand him more and better, but also build a bridge of open and honest communication when things seem to get out of hand.

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