9 information every teenager should receive about life

Sometimes we are alone and other times we have the wisdom of parents to endure the hard lessons of adolescence.

We all know that adolescence is one of the most difficult stages of life. At this age, people not only go through these changes physically but also on a mental and emotional level. This implies a general confusion because “we are looking for our place in the world”.

Another interesting aspect of adolescence is the constant “friction” of opinions with parents. This situation makes young people quite rebellious. Despite this, parents should do their best to have a trusting relationship with their children. For this, it is better to speak frankly about subjects that arouse the curiosity of the children.

Teenagers are curious about various subjects. The point is, if they don’t find answers at home, they’ll look for them in their friends. This can be good or bad, depending on what kind of friends you have. However, it is always best that they receive this information at home and from their parents.

In this regard, I have fond memories of my parents. My sister and I never had to turn to friends to satisfy our curiosity. Our parents have always been upfront with us about issues that other parents never discuss with their teenagers; It is something I still cherish with all my heart. Now, if we got any other kind of knowledge, it was more through random conversations and curiosity itself.

The thing is, there are a lot of topics that teenagers should know about before they reach adulthood. This knowledge will give you the power not to make mistakes out of ignorance. Also, it gives them the strength to get back on their feet if something goes wrong.

What should every teenager know at age 15?

1. The perception of life

The teenager must know that life is both fair and unfair, depending on his desire to understand it.

From my point of view, life is fair. I know there are people who believe that life is not fair, but thinking that way is often a mistake. It’s something few adults realize as they mature.

Many teenagers may feel that they don’t deserve to go through so much trouble; if anyone knows this, that someone is me. For years, I thought life was a “drug”. Then I realized that if I changed, things around me would change too. This helped me to see life as a series of events that change according to the attitude with which they are facedLearning this takes time, but it heals many wounds.

2. Live for you

Unfortunately, not everyone around you cares how you feel; many just expect you to live up to their expectations, regardless of whether you’re happy or not.

Still, if you’re a teenager reading this, keep this in mind: Don’t make the mistake of making someone else’s dreams come true. Make your own dreams come true if you feel this is the right path. At the end of the day, at the end of your days, you will only have yourself. Listen to the advice of wiser people and form your own opinion.

3. Self-love

Many people you meet along the way don’t think about how you feel about yourself. Also, they are sometimes cruel because they can and want to be. You must become strong and learn to love yourself because it doesn’t stop when you get older; moreover, it tends to get worse over time.

4. The “strongest” will want to take advantage of you

And that doesn’t stop with adolescence. Trust me, you will find “opportunists” at school, at university and at work. The important thing is to show them how resistant you are to these advances.

Remember this: they will only take advantage of you if you let them. Just make them feel your strength just once and they’ll never bother you again.

5. Don’t be afraid to fail

Don’t be afraid of failure, teenagers sometimes plunge into failure like it’s the end of the world.

“Losing by knowing is not losing”, something my mother taught me that I never forget. Failure is learning, it’s part of life. Falls strengthen and make you wiser and more mature. When you learn from your mistakes, you will never “stumble over the same stone” again.

5. Always be kind

There are many people around you fighting difficult battles. Sometimes they just need a smile or a wave to give them the strength to keep going.

Being kind costs nothing and can bring some light to a life that is on the wane.

7. Not everyone will “like” you, but that’s not your problem

Teenagers may struggle with this, but it’s something we’ve all learned to live with. We’re going to end up displeasing people for things we don’t even know we did anyway. Sometimes we are displeased by rumours or false impressions; just live well and for ourselves.

Be genuine, don’t cheat and move on, because that’s not your biggest problem.

8. Loving can hurt

For better or worse, we all love someone at least once in our lives. In adolescence, it seems that the world ends with unrequited love, but that passes quickly.

Yes, sometimes love hurts, but believe me, real love, the one that is worth it, doesn’t hurt or cause harm.

A person who truly loves does not seek to hurt the one he loves. If you find someone who hurts you, run away as fast as you can; no one deserves to live in hell. A good love arises if you know how to find and choose the right person.

9. Asking for help is not for cowards

You are not alone, regardless of whether, at your age, you think so, you are not. You may not have your parents, yet there will always be an adult or friend to turn to when you need guidance, comfort, a hug, or a kind word.

Do not feel shame or fear; we are human and we need to find the strength to move forward.

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