7 keys to seducing the man of your dreams

If you want to attract his attention and make him like you, follow these simple tips.

As author John Gray says in his famous book Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, men and women are totally different from each other. While what conquers us is the heart, what conquers us is usually more physical. We like romantic attitudes and they like adventure and action. That’s why seducing a man is no easy task.

However, there are some techniques that guide us to conquer a man, such as “ The little manual of seduction ” by Luis Tejeda, among many others. But be careful, some advice is not always effective, as you must take into account that each person is different; We all think and act differently.

You can put the tips I’m going to share below into practice and adapt them to your own way of being. Remember that for some people it may work and for others not so much; since love is a subjective theme.

Get to work

Before starting, we must clarify that seducing a person does not imply having a perfect body, money or youth, as this is in the background when we want to be with someone. Think of it this way: when we want to seduce a person, we are attracted by some similarities in terms of tastes, behaviour and actions; that’s why we want to be with that person.

1. Be yourself

We often try to hide some things we do that are not so pleasant, for example, some bad habits; these you should definitely keep and not let them out on the first date!

Being yourself is trying not to change your personality and the way you behave. For example: if you are a very cheerful person and laugh a lot, don’t hide it, if you are a shy person, don’t try to change either. If you want to be the first to ask him out, dare, simply because you are.

2. A beautiful smile

Smiling can improve the perception that others have of us, as well as reflect a good attitude, energy and empathy. Remember that the smile is contagious, so he will surely return the gesture.

Don’t worry if you don’t have perfect teeth, the fact of smiling can already attract the attention of that man you like; as long as you make sure you have eye contact. Keep in mind that having a good sense of humor makes a good impression.

3. Security

Most men don’t look for indecisive women who don’t know how to make decisions; they prefer the self-assured. In other words, they make decisions when they ask for their opinion. For example, if he asks you out, decide the place; if you are asked what you are going to do, decide on activities.

I also refer to the way you dress, act or speak. For this, there are some body language techniques that will help you project self-confidence, such as: standing straight, showing your palms when speaking, placing your feet towards the person you are talking to, among others.

4. Don’t be intense

When you start to seduce a man, you must learn not to be intense, that is, if he does not respond to your message of “good morning”, “what are you doing”, “will we see each other again today?”, among other ideas. , give it time and don’t complain. Remember that most men do not like obsessive, suspicious women and, above all, they are not interested in explaining their actions.

So relax and don’t pressure, let things flow at your own pace. As my father used to say, “Before you can run, you must learn to walk”, which means that things unfold slowly.

5. Preserve your privacy

Maybe you dream about the first intimate date and it excites you a lot. But you should know that some men lose interest in a woman when they give in at the first opportunity unless they have agreed to do so on the first date. At this point, it would be unwise to judge, after all, each person is different and is responsible for their decisions.

However, to conquer a man it is better to be cautious in this aspect, let his imagination fly, so that when the moment comes, it will be something magical and very meaningful for both of you.

6. Positive communication

At this point, I mean praising and valuing the man’s abilities or capabilities, but without romanticizing or exaggerating. That is, let him know your admiration for some things or how much you value his actions and efforts; since we all love to be recognized for something.

For example: “You are very gentlemanly, that pleases me a lot”, “You are super cute when you write to me”, “I love those muscles”, among other ideas.

However, positive communication also refers to knowing how to listen, paying attention to everything you say, letting you express yourself as you are; remember that men look for a companion who supports, listens and understands.

7. Avoid directing your life

One of the things I learned from reading John Gray’s book is that men don’t like a woman telling them what to do, as such comments or suggestions irritate them, making them feel immature or incapable of doing anything.

If you want to seduce a man, avoid telling him what to do or how to do it. It is better to express your humble opinion without showing authority.

Now you know, these are some tips to seduce men. Keep in mind that a good attitude, good self-esteem and empathy are keys to taking the next step towards a formal relationship.

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