5 lies about love

We all speak of love to refer to a wonderful, magical, healing feeling. Since we were little, we were taught to love, first ourselves, then those around us and then the environment.

And yes, I agree that love is a feeling that improves human relationships, but it cannot always end all the evil that exists in the world.

That’s why I decided to share with you 5 Lies About Love, as a way to reflect on this wonderful feeling and to know that it’s not always enough to give love; this feeling has to be accompanied by values ​​so that it has strength.

Love: a powerful feeling

Learning to love our spouse, children, parents, friends, all living beings that exist in this world is our way of living and being. A lot of people have experienced this feeling at some point in their lives.

Just as love makes us dream, it motivates us to fight and do things we thought we would never do; sometimes love also hides some lies, such as:

1. “Love never ends”

Most people have learned to love intensely, it’s like feeling that love that can do anything and forgives even the worst mistakes. However, this powerful and indestructible feeling can end, turning into hatred or resentment.

For example: when a person has been the victim of any type of violence (physical or psychological), it is normal for the love you felt for a person to end. Love also ends when trust is broken, when we are mistreated, deceived and hurt deeply.

2. “Love is sacrifice”

We may stop doing things we liked when we love someone, just to please or avoid unnecessary conflict. We can even “modify” some behaviour or attitudes to maintain a better relationship with our loved ones.

However, some people believe that love is sacrifice. This is not possible, because when a person truly loves, he will give everything without expecting anything in return. Love the person as they are, without changing anything about them. We love without thinking, without expecting a reward.

When you think that you sacrifice yourself by loving, then you yourself are repressing your right to want, to have freedom and to dream. Never think that you sacrifice, because then it is not love.

3. “Love can do everything”

Of course! this is a promise we make when we commit to being with someone we love with all our heart, it’s the most beautiful phrase in the world.

But the reality is that love is not forever, by itself, this feeling can decrease because values ​​and actions are necessary for it to become strong and invincible.

Now, with love, we can do amazing things, but to get the results we hope for, we have to put in the effort, commit, and learn to be persevering and patient. Otherwise, our love will disappear.

On some occasions, it is not enough that we love someone, but that that person also commits to giving the same love; that is, in a couple of relationships, it is not enough for one person to fight for love if the other is not interested.

4. “Love Hurts”

Love doesn’t hurt! That’s why we must learn not to idealize who we love. A common mistake is that we sometimes believe that a person will save, protect and care for us. We even put all our dreams and happiness in someone else’s hands.

That is, we expect a lot from a person and when we don’t get what we expect, then we get frustrated and think that love hurts. That’s why it’s best not to leave your happiness in someone else’s hands, as only you have the power to achieve your dreams and direct your destiny.

5. “Love is transparent”

If you think that loving someone is letting them invade your privacy, know that it’s a big mistake. Love does not have to be conditioned; it is not a feeling imposed on someone else.

Love comes only when we trust and when people strive to earn our love through their actions, help and unconditional support. For example, no one should force you to give your passwords as a condition of love, nor should anyone force you to do something you really don’t want to do of your own volition.

Now, love is a feeling that must be cared for like a plant, it must be watered so that it grows strong. If we abandon the people we love, leave them in oblivion and don’t look for them, then that love can diminish.

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