10 questions to ask before getting married

Marriage is one of the most important steps in anyone’s life and so this decision should not be taken in vain. As much as the passion is fulminating and you both feel a great desire to make your commitment eternal, it is important that things follow their logical order and that you get to know your partner very well before moving on to the next step.

Even so, it is important to mention that the couple may even have a relationship for several years but if some issues have not yet been addressed, they may not be ready for marriage. In today’s article, we are going to unveil 10 questions you should ask yourself and your partner before deciding whether to get married.

10 questions to ask before the wedding

The questions that we are going to ask are not addressed only to you or to the other person. We will pose the questions for both of you so that you can not only question the other person but also ponder your answer. This is the best way to know if the other person is ready for the next step in the relationship, but it will also let them know if you are also on the same page.

Are we ready for a life together?

It is important that you know that in marriage, life for two is much more intense and that, as a couple, they will share everything: the house, the goods, the day-to-day and even the routines. This is where most people fail, perhaps because they haven’t even thought about it. Life for two brings a lot of new things but in the end, when there is true love, it only comes with good things.

Do we think about the future?

Thinking about the future is important for solidifying the relationship and for both of you to be involved in the relationship in an exciting way. This idea can cover the most trivial things, like moving house, travelling, commitments for two or even something more, like having children. If you already made plans about something that hasn’t happened yet, know that this is very good and that it means that you are prepared to live together and to build something together.

Do we have economic stability?

These days it is increasingly important to have an economic base and some financial stability, especially when we talk about getting married and starting a family. As much as the wedding may cost, it is important to think about the day-to-day, the expenses and the things that the new life together will bring. You will have your corner, your house, but you will also have your bills and expenses to pay. It’s worth investing time and work for little pre-wedding savings.

Do we want to have children?

This point should be discussed in any serious relationship and unless the two are already on the same page and with certainties well-spoken, it is necessary to discuss the situation in a healthy way. Several couples live undecided on this topic and it becomes a reason for conflicts due to differences in opinions. Know that the important thing is for everyone to explain their part and give their opinion. Only in this way can they be satisfied with the direction of their lives and their future.

Do we want to dedicate our lives to each other?

Following on from some of the points already described, this complements the idea that after marriage, life together becomes more committed and the couple’s dedication to each other is undoubtedly greater. Does sharing everything with someone else bother you? Well, know that this can be a sign that you are not ready to live with your great love…

Do we know about ourselves?

For a relationship for two, there needs to be a good foundation and this foundation is built by self-knowledge. In order to dedicate yourself to someone, you need to know yourself and know how to react in the face of some setbacks that may arise. Do you know yourself well enough to trust someone else? If you feel that you still need to work on your self-knowledge and self-love, don’t let it go, think of yourself first so that you can build a stable and happy relationship.

What kind of feelings do we have?

As much as you know you’re in love, you shouldn’t ignore the other feelings you have about the other person, whether positive or negative. Reflect on everything you feel and also question what the other person feels for you, only with this balance you will be able to determine if the positive feelings are enough and if the negative ones are not relevant. Note that negative feelings are always there. They just need to know how to master them and turn them into something good.

What do we think it will be from then on?

Expectations are also important and thinking about what the relationship will be like in a few years says a lot about what you want and what your true intentions are. Overly negative or positive perspectives can be bad for the relationship, so there’s nothing better than thinking about this issue and realizing if you’re both down to earth.

Is there anything more than love and passion?

This point is undoubtedly one of the most important and should not be forgotten. A marriage and a lasting relationship is more than love and passion. Friendship, honesty and companionship are the basic pillars of any long-term relationship, whatever its nature. So not only should you question the other person for the feelings they have, but you should question yourself as well.

Are you both on the same page?

At the end of the day, knowing if you’re both on the same page ends up having a summary of what we’ve said before, knowing if you both want the same, if you think the same about the relationship, if you like each other enough and if you want the same future for two.

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